Welcome to Associated Collectors, Inc.

Associated Collectors, Inc. (ACI) provides collection services throughout the Midwest through offices in Janesville and Green Bay, Wisconsin. ACI demonstrates exceptional professionalism and expertise in:

  • Medical Debt Collection - Hospitals, clinics, chiropractors, mental health facilities and dental offices all benefit greatly from ACI's skill, dedication and experience.
  • Property Management Debt Collection - ACI works with management companies to collect past due rent and damages from delinquent renters.
  • Government Debt Collection - ACI works with many governmental units to collect overdue fines, assessments and damage awards including the administration of the TRIP program through Wisconsin Statute 71.935.
  • Telecommunications Debt Collection - Internet and cell phone providers find ACI to be a valuable resource when seeking to recover their overdue balances.
  • Commercial Debt Collection - Financial institutions, law firms, utilities and businesses of all types depend on ACI to maximize their efforts to recoup lost revenue.

All businesses today face mounting challenges when attempting to control ever increasing loads of bad debt. Constantly being forced to rework old accounts is costly and slows the forward momentum of your business. Why not let ACI take on the everyday stress of collection while you direct more energy toward your primary mission?

Call Dennis at 1-800-354-6951 for a no-pressure information conversation. ACI offers reasonable rates, typically on a contingency fee basis. No Collection, No Charge. Professional references are available upon request. Call Today!

"Third-party debt collectors returned $40.9 Billion to the U.S. Economy in 2013."

(Source: "Value of Third-Party Debt Collection to the U.S. Economy: Survey and Analysts," Ernst & Young, 2013.)