Many of our clients do not have the time, resources or expertise necessary to pursue difficult delinquent accounts. By using a collection agency, creditors take advantage of the agency’s experience, tools and know-how to achieve success at a more reasonable overall cost than they might incur by attempting to do the work themselves. Clients are not forced to put the forward momentum of their businesses on hold while reworking old accounts.
Contact our Sales Department at 800-354-6951 for answers to all of your questions.
Yes, we have bilingual specialists who handle walk-ins and phone calls.
After you have turned an account over to ACI for collection we request that you direct any consumer contact about that account to our office. If you do receive a payment in the mail or are being offered a payment on your premises you may accept that payment but please contact us promptly to report the payment.
While we certainly make every effort to collect your accounts in a timely manner, ACI cannot guarantee a specific time frame. We collect many accounts within the first 30 days while others can take longer.
ACI issues remittance checks at the beginning of every month for collections made in the previous month. 
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