When you partner with ACI you will receive first-class service. With our responsiveness and total accessibility we tirelessly go about your business on a daily basis as efficiently and profitably as possible. We never lose sight of the fact that we work for you.

At ACI, incoming calls are answered by one of our friendly customer service representatives, saving you the time and frustration of phone system navigation. We pride ourselves on having our entire support staff as accessible as if they were just down the hall of your facility. Personal care is always taken to make sure your business is handled in the most effective manner possible.

We understand that your budgets are constantly being tested to get more value for your dollar. To assure our mutual success, ACI gives your staff a clear-cut "Service Advantage".


ACI uses the highly regarded and widely acclaimed FACS® (Flexible Automated Collection System) software by Ontario Systems. Fully functional in all aspects of the collection spectrum, FACS provides unsurpassed collection efficiency.

Data security is a priority at all times. Our firewall and internal security measures are regularly reviewed and maintained to the highest industry standards.


Successful communication with patients about their finances is an integral part of the account resolution process. At ACI, communication is one of our business skills. 

The Golden Rule of collecting, taught to all of ACI’s staff by our founder, Bill Eklund, was always "to treat our clients' customers as if they were our customers". That simple golden rule endures to this day at ACI.  We understand that your customers and your business are unique. Your relationship with us will be a partnership, with shared goals and shared achievement. Why not let ACI create a plan tailored to fit your business needs?

All ACI employees take the "Collector’s Pledge":

 I believe every person has worth as an individual.

I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect.

I will make it my responsibility to help consumers find ways to pay their debts.

I will be professional and ethical.

I will commit to honoring this pledge.


ACI offers a full range of traditional collection services to maximize your bottom line. Using a variety of collection tools and techniques our dedicated and experienced collection staff obtains the highest recovery rate possible for your business.


ACI gives your business the impact of third party collection with precollect letters sent on your non-delinquent accounts. These letters can be an effective tool in getting slower paying customers to pay.  When a reminder is necessary, let ACI manage your accounts receivable.


When your staff sets up a payment plan with a customer, why not let ACI monitor the plan for you? ACI can see the plan through to completion at very reasonable rates while saving you time, money and system space in the process.


At ACI we will discuss with you, our customer, the merits of using the legal system to collect your receivables.


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"We've experienced much better results and much improved support since we switched to ACI."